Thursday, June 28, 2007

OK Girls, Line Up Over Here Please...

...shit, I wish!!

My friend, secrets has this on her blog...which you guys ought to read BTW, and I was curious:

What Color Rose Am I?

You Are a Blue Rose

You represent the unattainable and fantasies

Your vibe: larger than life and intoxicating

Falling in love with you is: like seeing a whole new world

Just a little commercial for a single guy (shoot, it's my blog, why NOT?!)...

I AM...thoughtful, brave, loyal, kind, maybe not so thrifty but nobody's perfect...I'm decent looking, employed, relatively ambitious, and I do know my way around a p@ssy and a conversation. So if you are a Pacific Northwest kind of girl or if you want a "hook-up" when you visit up here drop a line!

Thank you.

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