Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Have Love? Will...

I commented over at Joe Flirt's place about paying a "pro" for sex. There are "Escort Blogs" and "John Blogs" and some of the folks in my blog roll are escorts and johns or sex workers of some type. The comments in Joe's post though, were from folks who didn't have any kind of experience on either end. I may get flamed for my comment on Joe's blog and the preceding remark, but let's go ahead and talk about it for a minute, and have at me if you want.

I have a number of reasons why I want to see a paid sex worker:

1) Variety. I can see a lot of different women. Folks would not really believe the disparity of looks and body types and personalities. The women rarely look like Julia Roberts or Audrey Hepburn. They're more likely to look like your neighbor Susan...who wants to lose 20lbs., or your Aunt Helen who looks like, aunt helen. Sure there are 20-something hardbody's as well. Like I said, diverse.

2) I can have sex when I want/need to have it. I stated that I am coming off a broken marriage. I have never been a great "womanizer", and I won't lie to someone to get them in bed and "break up" with them a week later...or just not call...or any of the "fifty" other ways we leave our lovers. Besides most "sane" women won't go near a recently split-up guy for at least a year. Can't say I blame 'em.

3) Improbable sexual experiences. Example: I had a three-some. THAT would probably never happen. One woman was a for real porn star. THAT would definitely never happen. Both were drop-dead gorgeous. Again...under normal circumstances...snow-ball's chance in hell. OK...indulgent and decadent to an extreme, and kinda expensive...and unbelievably fun. It blew me away!!! So sue me.

There's more that I want to blog about on the subject, and I will, but I have met and had experiences with some really interesting people. Most of the women, and especially the ones I am drawn to are really, really bright, some are very accomplished, many are working professionals whose or un or under-employment led them to this occupation and almost every one I've seen cares and enjoys what they do. I think I can tell THAT...(the faking thing, maybe not so much).

Having said all that...OK, OK...there IS a real layer of artificiality as well. I am NOT going to find a's not an audition. Rarely does a gal find a guyfriend from her client list. It does happen with famously mixed results, mostly bad. But no matter what happens, how good the time is, how good the sex is, how well "connected" we get...I go home alone. No wondering whether I should call the next sweet churning in the gut when I'm looking at the phone.

It's just sex. For hire.


I'm going to pre-emptively strike something here and toss out the "gender equity as it applies to pay for women" card. It's disgusting that smart, effective, talented women rarely earn as much as their male counterparts...or have the same employment opportunities. I'm just sayin'.

Damn It's...

...been a long time since I posted. There's a lot of folks that are posting slow these days. Maybe it's the summer, lots of things for us all to do, and let's face is just busy. Really busy.

So yeah...I've been really busy. I was going over my schedule for one week, one week with a friend and he remarked that I seemed to be making myself insanely busy so that I didn't have to think aabout the pain I was going through.

True that, as they say.

I'm gonna have to cut some stuff loose and throttle back. There IS such a thing as too busy. Besides, I'm getting really tired. A lot of fatigue is from the upset and stress. S4O and I have exchanged pretty much "final" notes to each other and this chapter is over. Whether we reconcile sometime in the future...well never say never, right? Still I've been sad and pretty insane for the last month or so.

Breaking up really sucks.