Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blogs Cum...Blogs Go: Bye Des! I Miss You!!!

So we really never know who is on the other side of the keyboard, and sex blogs are ripe for creation out of whole cloth. Heck, I may be 75 years old...or 14...but I'm not. Point is, I can be what I want to be or think I want to be and write anything I want if I can make it sound convincing. I could try to be a 31 year old escort in Atlanta...or a male prostitute in St. Louis...and I'm not, but how do YOU know?

So we lost one of MY ATF's, Desireous is gone.

Wow. I always thought Des was a pro writer. Her writing was so top-notch, easily the prime caliber erotic fiction (or Non-) I can think of in any genre. Her stories of desire, anticipation and erotic fulfillment were really inspiring to me...and really got me to understand the "cock-loving" mindset.

What do I mean? Well, she would describe, in scrumptious detail the look and feel of the cock, the taste...the way the tongue felt sliding on and around the cock...I honestly had not thought about the act in that kind if detail. I wouldn't, of course, having never had a desire to suck cock (although, dearest reader, Ol'Al is gettin' a little CURIOUS...usually curiosity for this cowboy leads to action. Hmmmmm).

And the TALK!!!!! I lifted my style of dirty talk right offa Des. My SSSO get's a full dose now of how Sir used to talk to his little slut. Once I got comfy with it...I went to town! Now I love to dirty talk MY OWN little slut while she's playing with Al Laddin's Majik Shaft. I talk and she sucks and licks and we are all on our Majik Carpet Ride. Yummm.

Who-EVER that guy was that she was sucking and fucking was one freakin' LUCKY Son-of-a-Bitch. Damn. I'll miss that girl...or whoever.

Thanks Des. I love you. I miss you.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I Just Moved The Furniture Around!

I gripe and grumble about Blogger, but I just got done re-coloring and adding some stuff to the place and it was easy and I think it looks better.

I like it.

I'm Trying To Keep Up.

I made a committment to my self to be a good little blogmeister and it can be a little much sometimes. Especially since this is a clandestine operation. Will the SSSO get to know about this??? NOT on your sweet life. If I ever disappear suddenly that'll be reason #1...or more likely...actually not, 'cause I'll be single again probably whether I want to be or not (and I decidedly do not...I just want "experiences"). I wonder how many of us are in that spot with their blog? I think I know a few.

Anyway, I feel like I want to like wait for a few hours or a day or so before posting what I've just written...not that it's permanent or anything but it's just that I want to say something, say it the way I mean it, and not just pop off with some stupid bullshit (which I'll do anyway, for sure).

Sooooo, I've got some stuff saved up here waiting, just waiting to be foist upon ye unwitting masses. (cue the teeming crowds) (OT...I heard that in the old days on movie sets the extras were told to murmer "Rhubarb" over and over to simulate crowds sounds. More bloggy goodness from yer pal, Al.)

BTW- I just broke my new little rule. C'est la vie!

Monday, February 19, 2007

What About It?

Good question for me, in a rhetorical sense.

I am getting a feeling of shape and where I want to go with this. Definitely the beginning of some kind of journey.

I am on the verge of a "growth spurt". I don't think I've had one like this for a long time and I must say it's way over due. I have been stagnant and wallowing...or is/was there something of a fermenting process taking place. I guess I'll find out.

The sex with the Super Sweet Significant Other took and exciting turn. Wow. Wife is emerging sexually. Women have such sexual power. And she can be the erotic power center of this relationship. I have the honor of working the machinery and have been given charge of plotting the course (so far, at least...I'm starting to wonder about that one. Hmmmmmm).

So here we go.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I Love The Blogs!

I just spent a good couple hours transferring the sexy sexy bolgs that I like over to my secure location.

I just love sex, I love sexy people, and I love to read what the write about themselves and their experiences.

I wasn't always so comfortable in my sexuality. I spent decades being repressed, depressed, obsessed and surpressed. Cripes...what an awful existence. But a couple things happened. I got a divorce. At the time it was the absolute worst thing I could think of. Now I know how enslaved I was then and how liberating it was and is to be free. We have kids together and I can see her now with no remorse or recrimination or anything. NOT AT ALL how I felt then.

The second thing was vitamin v. I don't care whether I had a brain problem or a plumbing problem...I had trouble with my cock and your pussy all my life. With and without the S.O., sometimes I was comfortable and got the schwerve on and sometimes not. won't work if I'm really tired, or sometimes when I fill up on greasy food.

I love to fuck. My sweet little slut (she was pretty innocent when I got hold of IS quite the little slut. yummmmm) loves to fuck too and we do a lot. Middle age sexy sex.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part.

So I emailed my local "provider" that I'd be scheduling soon. I'm sure she went "Yippee! Finally! I thought he'd NEVER come(sp) back!"

Yeah, right.

At least when I book I show. And I have a good connection. My gal is a real pro a GREAT looker, well regarded in the community and a nice person and I wouldn't want to be chintzy or chiselly or anything.

I would err (if that's appropriate in this context) to the generous side. Esp if my person was respectful of my time and hers and well...professional (in this context...a great fuck...which she is).

A new escort blog I read had a post about this very thing. She felt she had a "special" connection with a fella and it ended up being a little less than that by the way he treated her. Two sides to every story but...I think I like her a lot better than him. I was really going to riff on a whole:

"I got $$$ and and looks and game and I can fuck anybody, amateur OR Pro...and I'm good-looking, smart , clean, sensitive. I can't HELP it if these girls just get sprung over my immaculate ass. That DOES NOT mean any BODY is going to get over on me. "

That's what I would have written had I wrote something like that.

I see shit like that on the boards all the time. "That damn whore ain't gonna get ONE MORE DIME from me than what she deserves. " One dumbshit had a price limit. If a girl wouldn't see him for $xxx he would just go elsewhere. Harummmmmph!

So Okay...there are rob's, time wasters, no sho's and jerks on both sides. But there are a lot of folks who just want to get off, and just want to get paid (and get off too, maybe).

May it ever be so.

More about An-tissssss-i-pppppay...shun next time.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Read The Boards

"Escort" boards, that is.

I look for controversy. I read for personality. I got busted a while ago by my dear SO and she asked me why I read them. "Because it's fun!" I said. So it is.


And completely fabricated and fictitious. Delightfully so actually. Unless it's not.


Thursday, February 8, 2007


A real piece of work, that is.

Anyway...I was a kind of a pussy about it. I convinced myself it was going to be FBST. A nice rationalization I used...and gee, it'll be CHEAPER and not REALLY cheating.

Yeah, right.

So I get there...the suburban incall. I felt like the guy in "Deacon Blues" "crawling like a viper through these suburban streets." 'Cept she was neither languid nor bittersweet. I had seen her provide a more "public" type of service, one for an audience. I have yet to see a person more comfortable with herself. Her energy level was high...she was engaged. I was scared shitless.

But I started getting my "massage". It was an OK massage, clearly not her forte. We talked about stuff...I heard a story about someone's childhood, it may have been hers. Actually there was a reason I wanted to book her. There is a wholesomeness in "Jenny" (not a real name of course...never real names here. Maybe not real stories. Maybe just "realistic" stories...or not) that hasn't been beaten out of her by her business. Tough? No doubt. Tough minded? More than me, for sure...but there was a tenderness and an empathy, too. My projection? Ya' think?

Anyway...then the tug with the hand around my ribcage signaling "the flip". Bodysurfing, teasing with wonderful tits (she has a smokin' body), on with the cover (by mouth, natch), then great cbj and she moved from perpendicular to me to straddling me with her covered kitty in my face.

She is VERY's a trademark of her service (and well known in this community). I wonder if she was into gymnastics at one time. Would have been too tall to pursue it...but she HAS talent. Maybe she practices hatha yoga now....but I digress...she does a somersault(!) to flip off me and at the same time peels off the thong. A complicated maneuver requiring impressive coordination and muscle control.

Really a fine show.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I Guess I Am Bad.


Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.

I was curious, so I booked time with a "provider."

Did I say I was married?



Why? Curiosity. Danger. Excitement.

The things that make a blog a blog.! (As in "I see you quiver with...")

Wanting to be bad. Mid-life crisis. Shit I don't know. I might do it again. She was nice. A real pro, she was.

Now I'm WRITING about it.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Yeah, I know.

There's nothing here. No "here" "here", as it were.

There, there.
(enough with the crappy puns already)

So we're supposed to get off on a good foot and that's fucked up so I guess I'll just do what I was gonna do and get some stuff from another blog (that's closing...I didn't like the name or the vibe).

I read a lot of blogs, I like the really personal ones, the ones about relationships and sex.

Mostly the ones about sex.

There are some terrific sexers and writers out there.