Monday, February 12, 2007

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part.

So I emailed my local "provider" that I'd be scheduling soon. I'm sure she went "Yippee! Finally! I thought he'd NEVER come(sp) back!"

Yeah, right.

At least when I book I show. And I have a good connection. My gal is a real pro a GREAT looker, well regarded in the community and a nice person and I wouldn't want to be chintzy or chiselly or anything.

I would err (if that's appropriate in this context) to the generous side. Esp if my person was respectful of my time and hers and well...professional (in this context...a great fuck...which she is).

A new escort blog I read had a post about this very thing. She felt she had a "special" connection with a fella and it ended up being a little less than that by the way he treated her. Two sides to every story but...I think I like her a lot better than him. I was really going to riff on a whole:

"I got $$$ and and looks and game and I can fuck anybody, amateur OR Pro...and I'm good-looking, smart , clean, sensitive. I can't HELP it if these girls just get sprung over my immaculate ass. That DOES NOT mean any BODY is going to get over on me. "

That's what I would have written had I wrote something like that.

I see shit like that on the boards all the time. "That damn whore ain't gonna get ONE MORE DIME from me than what she deserves. " One dumbshit had a price limit. If a girl wouldn't see him for $xxx he would just go elsewhere. Harummmmmph!

So Okay...there are rob's, time wasters, no sho's and jerks on both sides. But there are a lot of folks who just want to get off, and just want to get paid (and get off too, maybe).

May it ever be so.

More about An-tissssss-i-pppppay...shun next time.

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Anonymous said...

yes... so you have a wife and are booking nice.