Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blogs Cum...Blogs Go: Bye Des! I Miss You!!!

So we really never know who is on the other side of the keyboard, and sex blogs are ripe for creation out of whole cloth. Heck, I may be 75 years old...or 14...but I'm not. Point is, I can be what I want to be or think I want to be and write anything I want if I can make it sound convincing. I could try to be a 31 year old escort in Atlanta...or a male prostitute in St. Louis...and I'm not, but how do YOU know?

So we lost one of MY ATF's, Desireous is gone.

Wow. I always thought Des was a pro writer. Her writing was so top-notch, easily the prime caliber erotic fiction (or Non-) I can think of in any genre. Her stories of desire, anticipation and erotic fulfillment were really inspiring to me...and really got me to understand the "cock-loving" mindset.

What do I mean? Well, she would describe, in scrumptious detail the look and feel of the cock, the taste...the way the tongue felt sliding on and around the cock...I honestly had not thought about the act in that kind if detail. I wouldn't, of course, having never had a desire to suck cock (although, dearest reader, Ol'Al is gettin' a little CURIOUS...usually curiosity for this cowboy leads to action. Hmmmmm).

And the TALK!!!!! I lifted my style of dirty talk right offa Des. My SSSO get's a full dose now of how Sir used to talk to his little slut. Once I got comfy with it...I went to town! Now I love to dirty talk MY OWN little slut while she's playing with Al Laddin's Majik Shaft. I talk and she sucks and licks and we are all on our Majik Carpet Ride. Yummm.

Who-EVER that guy was that she was sucking and fucking was one freakin' LUCKY Son-of-a-Bitch. Damn. I'll miss that girl...or whoever.

Thanks Des. I love you. I miss you.


Dear Sir said...

Dear Al,

My beloved and delicious slut, Desireous, sent me this little post. Glad you enjoyed our little play.

By all means, tell your slut how you're going to treat her! Give it to her good while you grab a fistful of her hair and stuff her painted lips full of hot meaty cock!

Don't forget to bend her over the kitchen table and pull her hair so hard it arches her head back so you can whisper in her ear how you're going to fuck her like a cheap street slut while you spank her bare ass.

At least, that's what I'd do....

Al Laddin said...

Why thank you Dear Sir, for visiting!

And I must say, Sir I am an admirer of enthrall a sweet morsel like Desireous...well, I doff my chapeau!

And yes...I'll not forget your timely suggestion about the kitchen table, best done perhaps when she is concerned with "interruptions"...I love to keep my sweet little slut somewhat off balance and as aroused as I can during the day. The evening time is then so much more interesting.