Monday, August 13, 2007

I Love My Kids!

My kids are older...out of High School, the youngest is, the oldest made me a Grandfather a few years ago.

The three of them and I went to dinner tonight...the first time in a long time just the four us had hung out together and I've got to say I just love them so much. We went through a lot with their Mom and her going waaaay sideways on us and me ending up raising the two younger ones myself and the older one getting kicked out and being sent to live with her real dad who never helped with her AT ALL...

...and we all made it OK. Really, really well actually. And once more they are here for me as I go through another breakup. They literally saved my life last time. This time it's not so rough...but still...they give me strength and inspire me like they've always done.

What a gift they are to me. I am a lucky, lucky man.

Friday, August 10, 2007


...this song kicks my ass. This is from George Jones' incredible 1999 album "Cold Hard Truth". Clean and sober (for a while at least) his first album for Asylum Records was a real gem. Almost every track was emotionally evocative and showed off his legendary vocal range and way with a song, most notably this one, "Choices" and the title song "Cold Hard Truth".

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I'm thinking about my "choices" lately. And consequences thereof. A guy at a meeting I used to go to always said "Look back, but don't stare." I'm staring a little bit just now. Some events in my life lately resemble the bad car wreck on the freeway that you have to slow way up to pass and can't help but look at...can't turn away.

When I think how much of it is about my choices, the little ones, the ones I hardly notice and don't think will matter...then the ones I KNOW...the ones I know I'm bullshitting myself about...the ones I know I shouldn't do and I do anyway...well, like the man says..."I've had choices..."

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Here's Another SHOCKER About Al...

...hat tip to Trueself!

My Erotic Personality is The Top. Take the Erotic Personality Quiz on and discover yours!I took Sage Vivant's Erotic Personality Quiz and discovered I'm a Top!

What is your Erotic Personality? Find out now.

The Top likes to call the shots—sexually, at least. In real life, they may not show any signs of wanting or needing to be in control, but to achieve erotic fulfillment, The Top needs not only to give orders but also to see them carried out. Their sexual pleasure is of the psychosexual variety, which means that they intellectualize sex more than most of the other erotic types. They are often partial to leather and the accoutrements of bondage, and they frequently reward those people they can bend to their will. They may even like to deliver a bit of physical pain, but only if they know the recipient will enjoy that pain.

I loooove turning nice girls kinky! I love doing fun, nasty things with and to my partners. I have a vivid imagination and a pretty good toy box.

Anybody wanna play????

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

You Can Have Me Anytime... of my favorite Boz Scaggs songs.

On his GREAT album "Middle Man" the guitar solo was played by Carlos Santana. A VERRRY Carlos solo that still (30 years later) rips my heart apart in 24 measures.

Boz is very big in Japan and this was recorded there (isn't YouTube GREAT? I mean REALLY!). This guitar guy does fine. A great song is a great song is a great song.

So I saw an "escort" again Sunday night. Late. Too late. After running really, really hard all day. It was...well I was "a dud". We had a good time anyway. She was described by another "hobbyist" as a nut. And so she is. A GILF (you'd be surprised at how many there are), a fixture in the community, really fun to be with. But I wanted to fuck...needed to fuck...and it just wasn't going to happen. Of course when I woke up Monday morning everything was at attention. Wonderful. I'm working on the dating sites; AFF, maybe and a local alternative paper. Nobody's beating the door down for a horny old old guy. One with mad skillz but they don't know that. Oh job to ed-ja-ma-cate 'em, huh?

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Violent??? I wouldn't call my much as...

...intense, maybe.

I can and do go for a looong time (finally a benefit of "age")...and I do love to get into "impact" play and "alternative activities", but only on a completely consensual (and I DO mean sensual) basis. I work with a pretty big sensory palette...and yes "intensity" IS one of the colors.

One partner recently looked up and into my eyes and said, "You're a hedonist, aren't you!" Now we had been at it for a while at that point and as I cradled her gaze in mine and settled sweet and full into her I gently kissed and stroked her lips with mine I asked, "Is that OK with you?"...

...and buried myself deeper into her sweetness. She settled back with the lovliest smile...

You scored as Violent, You are violent. To you there is
nothing better than a good spank. You like scratching and
biting 'cause that's what people are for.

















What is your sexual style?
created with

PLEASE NOTE: I score quite well in the other categories, too! Well rounded, versatile, considerate and completely dedicated to mutual satisfaction. Any takers??? Hmmmmm...?

(Hat tip to Trueself for the Quiz, and for being a pal!)

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Al shows off the "New Bod".

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Looove Bad Girls...

...BIG SHOCK, huh?

Like most nice guys...I love bad girls (especially THIS one...mmmmmm). But bad girls like bad boys and I just never been that bad. Oh well.

Hazel posted a clip from Amy Winehouse and what's cool is that I heard THIS (see below) song on the radio as I was driving around and Hazel graciously (and Hazel IS gracious...I enjoy her and her "Ways of Brit") posted an Amy song and reminded me that I should too!


P.S. My date went great...deserves it's own post. Some funny history. Really nice "vanilla" (I guess...I couldn't really tell from what we talked about) gal. It would be soooo fun to turn another one kinky. Mm-mm-mm-mm-mmmmmm.