Friday, August 10, 2007


...this song kicks my ass. This is from George Jones' incredible 1999 album "Cold Hard Truth". Clean and sober (for a while at least) his first album for Asylum Records was a real gem. Almost every track was emotionally evocative and showed off his legendary vocal range and way with a song, most notably this one, "Choices" and the title song "Cold Hard Truth".

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I'm thinking about my "choices" lately. And consequences thereof. A guy at a meeting I used to go to always said "Look back, but don't stare." I'm staring a little bit just now. Some events in my life lately resemble the bad car wreck on the freeway that you have to slow way up to pass and can't help but look at...can't turn away.

When I think how much of it is about my choices, the little ones, the ones I hardly notice and don't think will matter...then the ones I KNOW...the ones I know I'm bullshitting myself about...the ones I know I shouldn't do and I do anyway...well, like the man says..."I've had choices..."

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Steff said...

You know if you stare back at that wreck you just might miss something coming up ahead. We all make choices that change our lives. And the good thing about choices and consequences is that we can learn from them.

Now that I've gotten my need to be all "preachy" out of the way, I'm off to take that personality test. Though by judging by the pictures I'm pretty sure you're not going to see my results on my blog. I guess I'll have to tell you later! ;)