Thursday, August 2, 2007


Al shows off the "New Bod".


Hazel said...

Don't ya wear any pants? (Pants are underwear where I'm from). I would have thought the chance of getting those pubes caught in the flies of ya trousers a rather bit too risky to take the chance of going bare arsed, so to speak!! lol I'm a cheeky cow, to those who know me in Blogland. Where's the salt, you may need to take a pinch!

Re your 'new' bod...what happened to the old un?

Trueself said...

Oh Al, now I'm drooling all over my desk. You naughty boy. . .

Al Laddin said...


1) No zipper with these, so no worries...just a "easy operatin' button fly" (anybody wanna try it out? Hmmmmm???)
2) THE "old bod" is back at the "old house" with the "old life". The "old bod" is about 45lbs (would that be about three stone-two to you?) heavier than the "new bod".


Golly Gee Whiz Tru, I am soooo sorry. I'll just nev-errrrr do it again (as Al bats his eyes fetchingly)! Here...let me just mop that up for you.