Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Looove Bad Girls...

...BIG SHOCK, huh?

Like most nice guys...I love bad girls (especially THIS one...mmmmmm). But bad girls like bad boys and I just never been that bad. Oh well.

Hazel posted a clip from Amy Winehouse and what's cool is that I heard THIS (see below) song on the radio as I was driving around and Hazel graciously (and Hazel IS gracious...I enjoy her and her "Ways of Brit") posted an Amy song and reminded me that I should too!


P.S. My date went great...deserves it's own post. Some funny history. Really nice "vanilla" (I guess...I couldn't really tell from what we talked about) gal. It would be soooo fun to turn another one kinky. Mm-mm-mm-mm-mmmmmm.


Hazel said...

Oh my gawd. *chuckles*. I've been called a LOT of things, but never, ever gracious.

Thank you!

Glad you had a good date. Clothes all kept on of course, eh? lol

Vanilla...well, I happen to think it's beautiful (flavour and scent!) ;).

Btw, the only thing kinky about me is my hair lol.

Trueself said...

But bad girls like bad boys and I just never been that bad.

I'm a bad girl, and I like you.

And I'm not just too sure you never been that bad, either.

Steff said...

Hmm do good girls who know how to be bad hold appeal?

Love the line about turning one kinky!

Al Laddin said...

Hazel- Yeah...they stayed on, dammit.

Tru- Me? Bad? Ya think?

Steff- Why of course, Dear...could you please come this way? I have some "etchings" I would like to show you.

Steff said...

Well I like etchings...just ask Bj. lol :)