Friday, June 29, 2007

A Cry On The Fly

So the Heart of Al goes out to all my blogging buddies who for one reason or other are stuck in realationships that that don't fit them anymore. Some are contemplating breakup, some already have.

I left my wife of five years, whom I still love and damn, if I wish I didn't. Damn, if I wish I could have stayed. Damn, if I don't miss her every-fucking-day regardless of how crass and capricious and cavalier I may seem to be.

Damn, I wish I could hate her...or at least be indifferent. Maybe that would make it easier.

Damn, if we will ever get together again.



Anonymous said...

If your heart aches for her.... get her back Al.

:-) xoxo

Hazel said...

Stupid question of the day (or maybe week?)....why did you split up?

I haven't read all your previous posts (lack of enough time), perhaps the explanation to aforementioned question lies there?