Friday, March 30, 2007

Okey Dokey!

Looks like everybody's gettin' ready for the weekend and Al is no exception. Except for my job can get kinda 24/7 and I will be working this weekend. That's just ONE of the bullshit reasons I think I can give myself permission to whore or to go to a "attached but looking" site...because I'm under sooooo much stress, and things frustrate me at home, and whaaaa-whaaaa-whaaaa.

Fact is I'm indulgent and I'm sooo sure I'm having a mid-life crisis (ANOTHER crock-o'-shit excuse? Ya' THINK?). And with that kind of airtight logic I can give myself permission to potentially wreck some stuff...actually MY life won't be so wrecked but someone I say I care about deeply will not really be able to understand how someone she thought she knew could...well..lie. I can go forward with another visit to Jenny...the two-girl fantasy...or not...I don't know. Will he, won't he. Hmmmm.

On a lighter note:

Auntie is visiting and's a favorite time of month for me. How could that POSSIBLY be the reader may ask, seeing as how Al is absolutely addicted to S4O's sweet pussy (I mean really really sweet, too).'s like this: I get to tease. And tease I do. Tease, tease, tease, tease, tease. And I get to fuck my little slut's mouth (hat tip to Des and Sir) and get my meaty cock licked and sucked like the aptly named "Blo-Pop". Yum. And I get to whip some tit and spank some bottom and creep close to "forbidden" places (she's very modest) with my fingers, not too close...but close enough so that I can distract her a little and then attack with a few fingers under the ribs or a thumb and forefinger suddenly really TIGHT on a nipple or my mouth HARD on hers my tongue invading and my hand grabbing and gripping a delicious tit and squeezing...all in one swift motion...well coordinated movements, calculated to take mere seconds to elicit a gasp and a groan. I know she wants cock in her pussy after that and I know she knows she's gonna have to wait. So delicious to tease, tease, tease, tease, tease...and tease some more. The best part is when she looks up with the "How can you DO that to me?" look. She gets back an even stare and a sexy smirk, knowingly. "It's easy."

That's what I'M talkin' about.


Anonymous said...

((in the voice of Charlie Brown)) Good Grief!!!!!! help a girl out and jump in the shower. Teasing is for wussies Al... *grins*


Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing! Holy cow ... that stuff NEVER happens around here. It does when I happen to be with FWB ;)

Have a fantastic weekend!