Saturday, March 3, 2007

She's The One

I am SSSSO's husband. And there is no doubt that I am her guy and that she (unfortunately for her) worships the quicksand I walk on.

For our purposes here she is the "Super Sweet Sexy Significant Other", because she has GOT to be the sweetest person God or Goddess ever created.

Super Sweet. A girl's girl. I love to see her with the daughters, or other gals; laughing, talking, sparkling like she does, and she DOES sparkle. Me, ever the pervert, would love to see her with another girl...sparking. Sigh...maybe someday.

She IS sexy. Not tall, not lithe, quite curvy...she wears her motherhood well. She has her own brood, and she has taken on mine as well. She just has this guileless Mid-Western "Sexy-As-Hell" in a casual, non-commercial way look about her. And when she is feelin' it...the naughtyness...the sort of in spite of herself at first kind of naughty...then the come-on, a little resistance, which just crumbles when she gets to the "yummmm" of the naughty. Damn. She is cute AS HELL when she gets going.

Desireous' "Sir" had a dead (I guess) blog or comment or something about turning good girls naughty.

I did that. See how ashamed I am? See? See?

How about S4O for short? That'll work, won't it?

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