Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The $250 Haircut...More If You Include The Wine.

So now I have something in common with a certain former Presidential Candidate (actually this reference is to a mean spirited canard the man was subjected to), and as always...something in common with a certain past President. I'll explain...

I had $$$'s burning a hole in my pocket and my perv light was glowing hot and red. Why I didn't just hook up with my ATF "Jaymee" or even "Jenny" I don't know. Well actually I do. One of the benefits to me of the "hobby" (a euphemism for consorting with hookers as a well...hobby) is that there are so many items on the "menu". Beautiful women I see at the Meet and Greets, gals that advertise on the Escort review boards in my town...even on the ever-dangerous and notorious Craigslist "Erotic Services" (Hey...I got this nifty utility for Firefox that will automatically open Craigslist pictures...handy!).

Not that I'm NOT getting laid. My FWB is most generous and enthusiastic. I wish I were "into" her more. I'm sorry I'm not, and I'm not leading her on or anything (yeah right). Yes, there are times of discomfort for both of us...but the sex is pretty darn good. I do feel that I may be exhibiting some signs of the sex addiction.

Off Topic Joke:
Heard about the 12 Step Program for folks addicted to 12 Step Programs?
It's called On-an-On. (Yuk, Yuk)

Yeah...like THAT would be something new for me. You NAME the obsessive compulsive behavior (as long as it's time-wasting to self-destructive, natch...) and I've done it or am prone to it.

So FWB went back to her town and I had an itch for a Craigslist gal. Now I am a PICKY (you're rolling your eyes...STOP that!) Pooner. Not just ANY ol' Craigslist gal is good enough for your connoisseur correspondent...oh no. It had to be THAT girl that was REALLY hard to reach (maybe she was LE and busy booking her latest captures...who knows). So not getting what I really (thought I) wanted, I further succumbed to the urge and went on a board and after a few tries hooked up with a well reviewed young lady and got out to the incall.

She also cuts hair and I needed a trim. Starting to see how this feeble mind works? Gads.

I have had two not so great experiences out of the half-dozen or so different women I've seen. The first was mostly a hygeine problem with a little bit of lack-of-chemistry thrown in. Frankly...she needed to have taken a shower before hosting. No delicate way to say it...smelled like ass. Major turn off for providers I'm told, and a major turn-off to this client.

This young (mid/late twenty's) person was clean, a little hyper, a decent barber (I'm bald so I'm easy), enhanced (with a nipple piercing, nice!) and eager...but I could feel no wave to catch. Even with my "Vitamin C". I've had my challenges in that department before and my Uncles Pfizer and Lilly have pretty much solved that problem for me. Better living through chemistry, eh? Oh, but CHEMISTRY...like the boy/girl kind...has still got to be there...at least for me. Or at least the illusion. And "Toni" was no illusionist. She had been a hard-core party girl a few years earlier...I saw pictures and heard stories and would be a blast for the free-fucking cocksman I always envied...like I can be, sort of, now...but not that night with that girl that time. So I re-robed and left.

Thus...the $250.00 haircut...with a side of rue. Oh...and the Past President? I can't stop when my cock starts talking to me either.

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