Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Focus, Al...Focus...

...something I am notoriously bad at. Fucking 57 years old and I continue to behave like I did when I was 19...or 15. What the bloody hell.

So this year, the arbitrary unit of measure for things done and not done, the word is focus. Focus on the big three...Art, Work, Sex. The order is subject to change, but that's the agenda. Simple straight forward goal or objective oriented action in each category.

Part of the reason I was down so much at the beginning of the year. I had some very unpleasant realizations about my direction and/or lack thereof and the consequences. There are challenges galore before me. And though my stated vision seems narrow...anyone who reads between the lines knows that there is a whole bunch of changin' and growin' and alignin' and manifestin' to be done. Can the adventure be undertaken with joyful energy...wonder at the unfolding of each day and it's opportunities? Hmmmmmm....

Tell you what dear readers...I wish for you the best and most positive outcome for your endeavors. A light heart and an unflagging Spirit. May our Higher Power bless us all.

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